Clotho is a light, radially symmetrical structure made from bamboo and thread that creates a space for gatherings and relaxation.
The bamboo frame is interwoven with colourful threads that create a beautiful shimmering network resembling multi-dimensional mathematical models of the universe.
From far, Clotho looks like a mirage in the dusty air. When up close, burners could see how the elements form the experience and could add to the artwork by weaving a tapestry following the structural framework provided. 
The installation will help orient burners using colours and entrances for the four cardinal points . At night, lights will illuminate the network to show a ghostly immaterial presence. 
Clotho’s geometry is reminiscing of the desert’s volcanic past and blends with the mountainous horizon.

We encourage burners to engage with the installation by weaving a tapestry in the middle of the structure as a form of self-expression. The loose threads and bamboo poles (which we plan to explore as flutes), blown by the wind will create an ephemeral dance and a soundscape,vibrating in the wind as the strings and pipes of a musical instrument.
Elements such as swings or hammocks could be added to create a more habitable environment, encouraging diverse forms of participation.

The mission of our art is to create possibilities. While we strive to create a beautiful piece, we also want it to be a meaningful and sustainable one. We hope to see the installation as a space for serendipity and new friendships that will also be transformed, grown or maybe even subverted by the burners. 
We aim to completely disassemble the structure into its naturally pure elements we could give out to the burners, donating the rest to be reused for art, construction or any other purpose.
Inspired by both the scientific models of the Multiverse and the myth of the Moirai, who weave humanity’s destiny, Clotho is an interactive artwork and gathering space that seeks to compose and visualise the myriad of threads that come together to create the past, present and future.

When it comes to aesthetics and meaning, we do not believe in the artificial distinction between science and art. We believe that curiosity and striving to understand the astounding complexity of the known universe can be as trans formative an experience as the most tantalising artwork can offer. Thus, philosophically, we want the artwork to be a seamless marriage between the ancient Greek myth about fate and the modern mathematical understanding of the geometry of the multiverse. Both myth and science are attempts at knowing more and both nurture creativity that illuminates them through art.

Project by: ZEN Collective (Zarya Vrabcheva, Elena De Dominici, Nikola Enchev)
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