The project was an entry to Ideal Standart Bathrooom of the Year Awards and won Third Place in the category Innovative Bathroom.
re___formation is a concept which looks at the space of a bathroom as a constantly evolving volume. Taking into account the restrictions of space in a future setting, this project aims to optimise a small space in a efficient and exciting way. As a result, the floor and wall plates are enliven by the users themselves to create diverse scenarios according to their needs. 
The "sunken" bath tub opens and closes to save space in the room through sliding plates. A middle, smaller one expands up and down to create a table when in the tub or a bench for under the shower. 
In addition, the bathtub uses a new technology filling through a cut around its parameter, which makes the filling faster and the user warmer while inside. 
Digital screen would allow film projections or daily calendar and information, while the curved floor allows a reading spot while waiting for the tub. 
The sinks are on sliding rails and can be hiden back into the walls if in no use. The taps are changed with ergonomic openings in the wall which wash the hands from three directions and are activated with sensors for faster and more economic usage.
Cupboards and bookshelves appear and dissappear on a rotating pole - making the bathroom a tidier space and enabling book storage away from the moist. 
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